Evolutions in Customer behaviour and buying patterns are changing sales ecosystems and by using just direct sales channels, many companies are only able to partially address their market potential.

Success in many businesses also depends on integrating and aligning indirect channels, meaning the Partners who provide the routes for products and services to reach the End User.

If your company works with distributors, resellers, dealers, agents, value-added partners, original equipment manufacturers or integrators to reach the end user of your product or service, we would like to invite you to take part in our survey on this topic.


A short introduction to the survey

The aim of this study is to create a preliminary understanding of the realities of the local market in terms of utilizing indirect channels in their sales strategy.

Spanning hundreds of companies from across multiple industries and various countries in Eastern Europe, the data collected will give a snap shot on how companies address the potential of indirect channels, their satisfaction with the current performance and the quality of the tools used, the quality of planning strategy in place as well as the data generated, i.e. the maturity of the Indirect Channels in the region. All data and insights provided are protected under the EU GDPR laws.


Intrigued and want to participate?

  • Participation is free
  • We will be sharing results and derived insights from them with respondents who wish to be kept informed
  • We feel this is a very valuable sales approach, yet untapped compared to direct channel sales, that could translate into tangible growth of any business


In order to access the survey, please access this link (the survey is open until the 29th of April). Thank you for your time!